Saturday, October 23, 2004

Is it wrong to want to kiss Joel Spolsky?

I just wanna grab Joel
face with both hands, yank him close, and give him a full-on
Bugs Bunny Mmwm-Mmwm-Mmwm-Mmmmwha! kiss right on the

Joel: I think we're seeing a shift in power,
a resurgence of the old guard. With the growth that Microsoft's had in the
past decade, the culture had changed. It became the culture of the latest
and greatest and re-invent everything.

If I were Bill (Gates), I
think I'd fire about three quarters of the people working on that
(the presentation system). Not because they are incompetent. But because
there are too many people creating too many

(Bold mine; from href=",1995,1681934,00.asp">A
Q&A With Joel on (Microsoft) Software)


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