Thursday, December 9, 2004

Does Microsoft care about politically correct speech?

Just a quicky: here's a link back to href="">lushootseed's comments
about Microsoft and it's view of customers: href="
t-you.html">Does Microsft really care about you? Another Microsoftie! It
starts off with:

I have been watching Microsoft's moves in
the last couple of years and nothing that I see tells me we are heading in
the right direction. Does that mean it is going down? Not anytime soon. It
is going through what IBM went through in the last couple of decades with
and it would take a good few years before a major re-structuring happens
like in IBM. Here is why...

Part of this echoes with what
is bopping about in my little head right now: we are lavishing so much of
our efforts on pleasing the IT departments of the Fortune 500 that Microsoft
is fading more and more in the mind of everyday consumers. Our brand is
losing vibrancy. Not recognition. Just vibrancy.

Homework: what's your
30 second elevator speech regarding what you work on?

Another post by
lushootseed that brings a wry grin to my face: href="
.html">Ashcroft working for Microsoft? Sometime in the past half year
politically correct speak has trickled its way down through management and
it's quite the fun show: "Hey, did you know
you're in Bug Hell-I-mean-Jail?"
Or, color="#000080">"Could you please send me your status for this week's
War Team-I-mean-Team Status Meeting?"

There's this great
little wince at the "I-mean" part and
you can almost visualize the ^H's issuing out from their mind.

then my grin fades and I realize someone on the payroll is actually putting
time and effort into correcting terms that have been since long before I
joined Microsoft. Most of the people I used to work with would have quickly
called BS on this and went merrily about using the traditional terms. What's
scary is that we were told to use the new terms and *bang* everyone did.
What the hell?

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