Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Apple Crashing the Party

Proving that demo crashes / problems are not just a Microsoft-thang, Jobs crashed during his demo today at MacWorld. Per the entry over at Engadget:

9:21am - Spotlight just instantly searched 250,000 files, can sort by people.
9:22am - Spotlight offers searching within Corbis images.
9:23am - Steve just crashed Spotlight photo viewer! "Well, that’s why we have backup systems here." Force quit and recovered.

One of the more recent comments here:

The problem isn't the failure per se but MSFT's reputation for being buggy which such failures reinforce. Had it been Apple or someone else, many folks would have given them a pass.

And that seems to be coming to, ah, pass. I found a few entries noting the crash but zero amount of relishing in Apple software tanking so publicly. Interesting. However, of all the people in the world, I trust Steve Jobs to be with at least one less employee tomorrow thanks to today's crash.

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