Monday, May 23, 2005

When did Jeff Raikes run over Steve Gillmor's dog?

Jeff Raikes must have surely ran over Steve Gillmor's dog last week.

First in Do No Simple Steve just plain wants to fire JeffR for not having an Office 12 RSS story (though I don't think any of the features in O12 have really been officially covered yet - only with some analysts [esp. those without the initials S.G., it seems]).

Steve then follows up shortly thereafter with 60 Days, noting how both Google and Apple will have RSS improvements in about 60 days. Nothing related to RSS from JeffR in 60 days? Fire him, Steve figures.

First, firing JeffR would just result in two JeffR clones springing up in his temporary void. These people have succeeded following JeffR's vision and will keep that IT supplicating finger-lickin'-good vision going. Complete with befuddled end-users donning dino-heads (hmm, I'd love to see a subservient dinosaur anti-campaign...).

No, you need to fire a whole bunch of people and do a disruptive re-org and say to them: your job is to make end-users clamor for Office. Or Windows. Or MSN. Or mobile OS. Or XBo-, er, or business solutions. Have customers passionately emailing us and blogging, constantly asking us for new features and being delighted when we deliver (plus, you know, security and stability). And maybe, if you follow Joe Wilcox' line of thinking today, you put Kevin Kelly in charge.

When it comes to RSS and quick innovation that makes a difference to end-users, I think you really need to look towards MSN. Information Worker is lost. I'm sure some sort of RSS story will come out of building 36, but you know, that was the target last year. By 2006, RSS will be old news. Important infrastructure, sure, but the consequences of RSS everywhere will be more important in 2006 than RSS itself.


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