Friday, April 14, 2006

Gretchen Moves On, MSPoll, and un-Breaking

As I slowly transition from un-break mode, just a few interesting notes:

Gretchen over at Microsoft's Jobs Blog is moving on. Gretchen hit the fan (and I became a fan) with her break-out rant The talent landscape, and why I'm ready to lose it which was so honest and 100% Microsoftie. Around work, I used it as a little litmus test to get people's opinions. Some managers thought she should be outright fired (hmm, strip color: Bozo) others thought she was right on and checked in to make sure we were doing the right thing in our relationship with recruiting (strip color: Keeper).

She even mentioned this blog a few times, especially noted in the post Microsoft, the media, and Mini. I'd love to be an NSA operative listening in on Microsoft's recruiting when a hard questioned is asked about ratings or reviews or other issues brought up here and in other blogs. Anyway, I really enjoyed how she took on describing working for Microsoft in a straight-forward, honest way. It was as if she was looking you straight in the eye as she wrote. Our PR folks could learn a lot from that.

Staying on my message about a smaller Microsoft and not hiring people and gettin' on with the firing of people, well, allow me to unjoyously lick my finger and mark the air above me to score one for the Mini side of life. Bad attrition is still attrition.

Other going ons... the MSPoll is upon us! I haven't opened it up yet myself. Oh, the ranting I will do. But, I always ensure to throw in lots of kudos about some of the life of the Microsoftie that I don't want to go away in absence of praise: our medical plan is outstanding, we still have free cola, while stationary supplies are harder to find we still don't have to grovel for a pad of Post-Its, and the ball-fields are staying where they are. Remember that upper management does read the comments, but if you just have pronouns and no aliases, your direct praises and criticisms are non-actionable.

Praise the Keepers. Rail against the Bozos.

Lastly... usually I summarize interesting comments as of late. Especially ones to old posts. I'm blown away right now with all the comments. When I moderate, I scan and approve, promising to re-read in detail later and elevate interesting ones into the discussion (like this one about trying to get permission to interview and insights for others). Let's see, how many of those do I have... 1,108. Looks like I need another break, though Mr. Umrani might rip me a new one if I do that. I'll go through and try to find the gems in there but, if you don't read the comments, you might want to wade through the last few posts for your own enjoyment.

Updated: s/tongue/finger/. Ahem.

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