Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vic Gundotra Goes to Google, RIF Comes to Microsoft?

Looks like some late breaking news coming in via the comments:

Vic Gundotra is leaving, long before Office/Vista/Longhorn ship. Here's the article.

Guess now we know why he took the time to tell his team in their last all-hands all about how much he deserves the big bonus he's getting this summer.

Vic is going to Google, after taking a year off as part of his non-compete.

A prelude?

Some shuffling of the executive deck chairs today, but the iceberg hits tomorrow.


Big reorg being announced tomorrow in DMD. Looks like it is happening elsewhere in the company as well...

Microsoft shuffles more executives


ok Mini, you're getting your wish. My org announced today a roughly 50% RIF. One group of 65 in the org is being cut to 36. My group of 12 is being reduced to 3. Management is being cut from 21 to 8 people.

Good for Microsoft? Nearly everyone in my group has a family at home they provide for. One just moved his expecting wife and daughter here from the midwest, and now he's hunting for a job again.

What do you tell them Mini?

I was thinking that same situation this morning while washing out my coffee cup. Can I talk the talk (or, type the type) and walk the walk? If my group was going through the same thing and I was the one delivering the news (versus the no doubt longed for irony of receiving the news), could I do so with solid eye contact?


It gives me no pleasure. But this company needs to size down and sad stories will be plentiful with that. I hope the parting terms are reasonable and, if they are skilled enough to get hired by Microsoft and were a good hire, they find an excellent career elsewhere.

It sounds like some of the trees are being shaken hard. If your group is given RIF percentages, how do you think you'll fare? Is it time to start looking around now so that you're at least prepared and not part of a Puget Sound glut? Personally, I'm in it for the long, bitter haul. But my resume is always up to date. Just in case ironic justice comes to town.

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