Thursday, July 20, 2006

Microsoft FY06Q4 Results

Time for a financial-focused week. First is FY06Q4 results. Then the 7/27 Financial Analysts Meeting. If this kind of thing gets you excited, I certainly recommend showing up for the financial-themed Breakfast Series on 7/28.

I'm not expecting much news out of the Q4 results. I'm so overscheduled that I'm not going to have a chance to catch-up on the news analysis for a bit - when I can, I'll go through the comments here and other sites to round up the links. I'm certainly hoping not to be surprised. Before hand we went and hid - er - simplified our financial reporting. Surprise.

Pre-discussion of the earning results (really slim pickings as of my writing this...):

Post-discussion earning results: buy-back? Looks like executive management decided that wasn't such a dumb idea.

A question that has come up in the comments so far about the buyback is the cap of $24.75:

Microsoft has capped the tender offer at 24.75. Does it mean that Microsoft's share price can't practically go over 24.75 until August 17th?

What happens if the stock price does go above 24.75? What happens to the 20 billion dollars put on this tender offer?

Personally? I weep a little with each Xbox 360 sold.

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