Saturday, July 24, 2004

"Fire Me? Oh, hell no! Microsoft should fire YOU!"

Just a quick post to gage scattered reaction to the initial posts here
(mostly in the comments, but a few out in the blogosphere).

Relative thumbs up.  Thanks. (href=",guid,bdfd6664-b634-410e-
bb36-17447a1e0206.aspx"># href="">#
Other folks:
Agnostic, or this blog is border line
blather, but some interesting bits and pieces here and there.  (And I'm
sorry, but even href="
8Z">faint praise from Don Box is more than any mere mortal can ever
aspire to). (href="
60-b641-f8c8f855e152"># )
Rest of the folks:
yellow-bellied anonymous-posting proto-elitist negative .NET hating whiner:
ooooo, you should be fired before you even have a chance to quit! (href="">#a> #

And it seems right now the best way to get some blog-voodoo
posted about you is to slam .NET and its aspiration to solve the world's
programming ills.  As for my boss firing me, he's cool as long as I add
a disclaimer (done - yes, I had a mini-coming-out party Friday) and
while I can write about policy violation if I go and manifest that into
reality then I will find myself badge-less in Redmond.

But stepping
back: this isn't about me.  Sure, I'm involved in channeling some ideas
but this messenger is one representation of concern and ideas from inside of
Microsoft of how we're going through our own Bubble that seems
unsustainable.  I'm just not drinking the current variety of
Kool-Aid.  I love Microsoft and I work with the absolute best people in
the world and it's because I love this company that I'm flustered with any
slothful, stumbling trends.  I'm pleased to consider other
points-of-views and I promise that if you post to your blog your opinions
and ideas (and I find them via trackbacks or such) I will compile
them here.

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