Thursday, July 8, 2004

Robert Scoble on Microsoft and Benefits

Scoble posts his view regarding Microsoft, benefits, and changes at: href=""> It's a good
view to read and points out that Microsoft truly has some kick-ass

However, while Robert feels that his href="">Channel 9 subversive community site
represents something any employee can do at Microsoft, I think he fails to
take into account the currency he has coming into the company, especially on
the rise of RSS and blogging. He can get away with a lot more than I

Do I wish more employees would do something like this as well? Yes. Do
I wish we didn't have to go on a hiring spree to acquire stars like Scoble,
Box, and Sells? Yes. Do I wish we could focus on growing our own rather
smart people from the inside to be Scobles, Boxes, and Sells? Hell yes!

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