Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lisa Brummel on Channel9 - She Reads Mini?

I haven't discussed the Lisa Brummel listening tour too much out of respect of her request to keep it internal (and it's been absolutely killing me on the inside). I did drop by one of the tour stops near me and, like most people, I give her an A+ on the topics she discussed. People have commented here that hearing LisaB have reset their leaving Microsoft clock by nine months. Other than the Company Meeting, it was the first time I heard her talk. I was some kind of impressed.

New Channel9 video with LisaB:

Reads Mini-Microsoft and Wears Shorts in Winter - Lisa Brummel, VP of HR

(Hey Charles, thanks for bringing up Mini-Microsoft! YouDaMan!)

One bit from Lisa regarding folks who blog about Microsoft (paraphrase): "Request to all bloggers out there: try to be productive. People listen much more clearly to feedback that's productive."

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