Thursday, January 26, 2006

Microsoft FY06Q2 Results

Collection of FY06Q2 results:

Go SQL server! I'm glad we finally got you out there.

Xbox? The main revelation was that we've sold 1.5 million Xbox 360s. We were asked what the specific problem was in production and whether the 3rd manufacturer is going to do any good if there's a systemic problem. Liddell was evasive. There was a component problem (supply? quality?). I think we should be 100% clear why we're struggling for because otherwise you're going to have conjecturing... like the only reason not to say the problem is because the first generations out there getting the heck played out of them all have the issue, like a ticking bomb.

As for Vista: yes, out by end of 2006. In time for the back-to-school computer purchase rush? Not saying yet. And que Mr. Wilcox:

I remain convinced that Microsoft will have missed a major hardware upgrade cycle when Windows Vista and Office 12 ship later next year. Every PC sold with Windows XP is potentially a lost or significantly delayed Windows Vista sale, starting later this year. Microsoft is betting on new licensing options available late next year will increase volume license uptake for Windows Vista.

Let's hope, as the analyst's question was quite leading in this regard, that we get Vista out in time to meet the 2006 back-to-school market.

And folks in MBS should go kiss their CRM colleagues... or at least give them a friendly pat. Location of their choosing.

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