Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Microsoft FY09Q1 Results

FY09Q1: wow, I wonder what's going to be on everyone's mind during this quarter's webcast with the analysts?

  • "How has the global economic crisis affected Microsoft?"
  • "What product groups are the most affected? The least?"
  • "How has your forward looking assessment changed for FY09?"
  • "What kind of efficiency measures are you putting into place?"
  • "According to reliable sources (ahem) the Microsoft hiring freeze through major parts of the corporation is real. How does this hamper Microsoft's ability to hire the best talent and to retain the best talent?"
  • "Are you going to buy Yahoo! since it's so much cheaper?" (Please keep Mr. Ballmer away from any recording device during this question.)

etc. etc. Any big questions you're looking to be answered?

Pre-announcement portion: my suggested post-analysis sites for quarterly results:

Interesting angle Microsoft has come with during the global economic crisis: when money is tight, drop those custom solutions and go with Microsoft to save money and be more cost effective. Nice. Post-analysis postings of note (to me):

Mr. Joe Wilcox:

Mr. Todd Bishop:

Mr. Joe Tartakoff:

Mr. Brier Dudley:

It will be interesting to see the $500,000,000USD savings in action. There was some probing by the analysts on that but just a broad answer in response.

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