Wednesday, April 13, 2005

BillG on Dinosaurs

In a BusinessWeek online interview with BillG (href="
"IBM Isn't Doing That Much"), Gates talks about that wonderful
Office 2003
dinosaur marketing campaign:

We have to convince people, to have any revenue at all, that the
version is exciting to them. You don't rent Office, you license it,
and then
you can just sit on it. We've done a series of ads with these guys
these dinosaur heads on saying, "Hey, we've got Office 97.
What's wrong with
us? We're so inefficient. Jeez." So that's a fairly helpful
message to let
people know they should get the latest and greatest.

Geez indeedz. Thanks there, chairman, for summing up the great powerful
features of Office 2003 (now with such innovation we just plain can't
it to you

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