Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Voice of Reason / Plausibility

Now then, this is one hell of a great, thought out comment: href="
11470173836615445"> Voice of Reason . It's well worth a read.

Also, it seems I just plain can't type clearly:

Your entire posting seems to assume that it would be extreme
and implausible for a Microsoft employee to quit over this. That would only
be true for straight people. This is a big deal for queer

No, I think it extremely plausible for folks to quit over this. Thanks
for making that clearer than I could manage. If they do leave / quit
Microsoft, I do hope they publicly explain what changes they'd expect to see
in the Microsoft workplace environment to consider coming back.

Well, if we haven't href="
/tc_cmp/161601274">hired everyone from India and China by then.

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