Friday, April 29, 2005

Q305 - Sugar Daddies Going Sour

A cautionary note from Joe Wilcox at the Microsoft Monitor in yesterday's
post about the latest quarterly results (href="">Microsoft Fiscal
2005 Q3 Results):

Important highlights: While server and mobile sales
demonstrated healthy year-over-year growth, core Office and Windows division
revenues grew just slightly, along with Business Solutions products. MSN
year-over-year revenue declined, fed in part by declining Internet access
revenues. I am somewhat disturbed by the slow growth or declines in three of
Microsoft's four profitable business divisions.

When the divisional Sugar Daddies start running out of sugar, you can
damn well better bet that things will go sour in other divisions

If you're in MBS, I'd really really get that resume polished
and out and look for something interesting as soon as possible. You exist
for the singular purpose of transitioning your customer base over to Office
System based solutions. And as Mr. Wilcox notes about MBS:

I see no signs this division will achieve profitability in
the near future.


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